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Welcome to MSRC

MSRC is your local RC flying & surface club for Interior Alaska.   You must be a member or a guest of a member to participate.  To fly aircraft, you must have AMA & FAA registration; you must abide by AMA community guidelines and our FAA AA.  If you are racing surface vehicles on the track; you must have ROAR



1) Be courteous toward each other as this is a family centered site.  

2) Camping is welcome, but be respectful of evening quiet hours.

3) Pets are welcome, but must be leashed at all times. 

4) IF YOU ARE NOT FLYING OR RACING - DO NOT TAKE UP A SPACE AT THE PITS (directy infront of the logs) OR DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE TRACK (these spaces are intended for flyers or racers who have equipment

5) Clean up your trash & help maintain the site. 

6). EVERYONE is expected to help enforce all the rules as well as any non-membership disturbances (such as reporting unauthorized people on the site, acts of vandalism, shooting, or other potentially dangerous other keep the site safe & peaceful).

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1)  You must have AMA & FAA Registration to fly at this site (NO EXCEPTIONS)

2) Follow the AA (Airspace Authorization FAA Form 7711-1 (2023-CBO-WSA-00170-FIX)

3) Check the airspace (ensure no FAA flight restrictions or TFR's)

4) Know MSRC / AMA etiquette (i.e. full power / gas run-ups, pre-flight checks, take-off's, landings, & dead stick call outs)

4) Comply with AMA guidelines (fly under 400 feet, fly within line of site, being mindful of manned aircraft operations)

5) yield to ALL manned aircraft

6) Be respectful to others

7) Safety is paramount - if you see something unsafe, say something!


1)  You must have ROAR to race or practice on the track (NO EXCEPTIONS)

2) Follow the ROAR community based guidelines & bylaws

3) Know MSRC / ROAR etiquette (i.e. Drivers, Marshaling, stage points)  

4) Comply with whoever is running the race events and their rules

5) Be respectful to others

6) Safety is paramount - if you see something unsafe, say something!

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